Did Blac Chyna Steal Kylie Jenner's Platinum Blonde Look?

  1. bitchstolemylook is a popular social media hashtag and might be more appropriate than ever today! None other than Black Chyna was seen sporting brand new platinum blonde hair, which looks awfully familiar. Yes, Kylie was rocking the blonde for a long time and now once she gave it up Blac Chyna has taken it over now. So, Kylie took your man, now you take her hair?

Chyna posted some behind-the-scenes videos and photos on Instagram of a mystery shoot of her which finds her in a motorcycle jacket and fishnets, and gold spiked heels, watch out! We’re sure Rob told her not to change after she was done since they have been seen together over the holidays and have rekindled the romance since the infamous Snapchat “she left me” episode. Well Rob and Chyna the show was renewed for season 2 to premiere in 2017 so we'll be seeing them together, or breaking up, or together again this year.

This isn't the first time Chyna has been accused of swagger-jacking Kylie - there was the pink hair, the desert photos shoots, and lip kits but Kylie isn't the only girl with a “K” in the sights of Chyna. Kim K’s pregnancy looks made some reappearances during Chyna’s. Can you blame her?

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