Watch Nicole Kidman Hijack Tom Hiddleston's 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet Interview

Tom Hiddleston was JUST ABOUT to give us the lowdown on what REALLY happened between him and Taylor swift, but whaaaat?? Nicole Kidman cut him off!

Ok, so that may have been an over exaggeration on the content of the interview. Sadly, Tom was not about to reveal inside info on Hiddleswift, but Nicole DID really hijack Tom’s interview.

So, Tom was really talking to the Golden Globes about his character in ‘The Night Manager.’ But right behind him, Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban were greeting other stars on the red carpet. That’s when the actress came over and took over the interview. Apparently, she wanted Tom to be DONE.

Tom tried to play off the awkward moment by actually interviewing Nicole, who looked slightly embarrassed by what she’d just done. But the actress did reveal why she had interrupted the interview. Well, we certainly enjoyed it. Did you? Let us know below.