Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore and More Celebs reveal Painful Golden Globe Red Carpet Beauty Tricks

Hollywood’s award season is here! The most glamorous time of the year for our favorite Hollywood stars - or so they would have us believe… But a few are pulling back the curtain on all this glam and showing us what is REALLY takes to get red carpet ready.

Spoiler Alert! - it ain’t pretty. In fact, some of this stuff looks down right painful!

Take one of the night’s biggest winners for example, Emma Stone. The actress looked radiant on the red carpet in a sparkling gown adorned with stars. But take a look at her Instagram before the big moment. What is on her lips??? A mask, a torture device? You tell me! And how about a good old facemask. Drew Barrymore just glowed on the red carpet in silver, maybe because she gave this mask a try before the big show. Kristen Bell gave a similar mask a try, but honestly, her other beauty confession was bigger, like way bigger. Like big butt bigger. The actress didn’t fill out that dress naturally, Kristen wore a butt pad! And poor Goldie Hawn. She passed out while getting her makeup done. Or she’s taking a nap. Either way, she looks really uncomfortable. Oh and did you see Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair - turns out she had a little help with some fake tresses strapped on!

Trust me, fake hair all up in there is no fun. No fun at all. But the things we do for beauty. Do you think it’s necessary?? Let me know in the comments below.