Meryl Streep BLASTS Donald Trump During Golden Globe Speech

Meryl Streep may have lost the Best Actress win for her role as the off-key opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins, but the legend was still a winner as she took home the Cecil B Demille award. Her moving speech brought many to tears, but her words about President-elect Donald Trump is what everyone is talking about.

And for good reason too. See, no one commands attention quite like Meryl Streep in any situation, so when the actress chose to slam Donald Trump, everyone listened.

To be fair, her speech wasn’t solely on the incoming president, who will be inaugurated in 12 days. Meryl first relished in her decades long career. But quickly her tone shifted to distaste for Donald Trump. The actress specifically mentioned a moment when then GOP candidate Donald Trump mocked a physically disabled reporter.

Meryl was close to tears and the audience was silenced as she finished her speech. “Disrespect invites disrespect,” she said. Surprisingly, President-elect Donald Trump has not responded to Meryls’ shade. Do you agree with the legendary actor? Let us know in the comment section below.