Kim Kardashian Steals Sister Kylie Jenner's Ideas for Her Kimoji Line

Old dogs can learn new tricks and that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian is doing. She’s ripping a page out of lil sis Kylie’s book and franchising her Kimoji business. Her wildly popular Kimjo gear is sold online, but now Kimmy wants more! We aren’t surprised, of corse she wants more of herself everywhere and so do we!

Kimoji gear, which started out as an emoji app which then blossomed into amazing Kim K “cry face” gear, which then went to online sales, which now is possibly making its way into a store near you, is so successful she made about $1 million dollars a minute according to reports.

Kim is looking to sell her Kimoji brand in the form of apparel, makeup bags, stickers, jewelry, accessories and a slew of other items. Seems like she might be taking a page out of Kylie’s bag of money-making tricks. Kylie is very much famous for starting her lip kit line and then expanding it into its own empire. She now has pop-up shops all over the US for adoring fans to go and pick up some Kylie Jenner Lip Kit gear.

We are talking clothing, makeup bags, eyeshadow palettes, even damn calendars! Now remember people, she opened a pop-up shop around the holidays and it was pure mayhem! Just the rules to get in were exhausting: no sitting, only 15 minutes in the store to shop, and people started lining up at 1 am just to get a glimpse of King Kylie … btw the store didn’t open until 9 AM.

Kanye West also went retail style with his pop-up shops in a few cities across the US! As you know, Kim and Kanye were cutting back on their business ventures, social media game and such after Kim’s robbery and Kanye’s mental breakdown, but it seems like they both have gotten past that and are going full steam ahead.

Kim is no longer shying away from Instagram, Snapchat or even Twitter. She is cautiously posting pics of her wealth across the platforms and pretty much back to her old ways!

Oh how we’ve missed you Kim! What are you guys thinking of Kim going towards the retail life? We already know it will be successful, but let us know what you want to buy!