Ashton Kutcher Angry Over Trump Muslim Ban: "My Wife is a Refugee"

The executive order Donald Trump signed on Friday to ban Muslim immigrants and refugees from entering the US has the masses in an uproar. Among the many dissatisfied and disgusted is Ashton Kutcher.

Kutcher is married to Mila Kunis, an immigrant from Ukraine who came to the US on a refugee visa during the Cold War. Kutcher did what any enraged person does today and he slammed trump in a tweet! “My wife came to this country on a refugee visa in the middle of the Cold War! My blood is boiling right now!” We have never been a nation built on fear. Compassion: that is the root ethic of America. Our differences are fundamental to our sustainability.”

Kunis immigrated to the US in 1991 at the age of 7 with her mother, father and older brother. Kutcher and Kunis starred in “That ‘70s show together” and were married in July 2015. They have two children together, a daughter and a son.