oe Jonas Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Model Underwear on the Tonight Show

Joe Jonas did some "interesting" underwear modeling with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. It all started when Fallon whipped out an old photo of Joe modeling men's underwear for Guess. Anyway, Jimmy was making fun of Joe posing there, all serious. And this led to Joe Jonas teaching Jimmy how to model underwear. Jimmy magically pulls out 2 pairs of boxer briefs- a white pair for him, and a bright red pair for Joe, honoring the Falcons who just lost the Super Bowl.

They both pull the boxers over their pants- now that's a look- and Joe proceeds to pose in the boxers, with Jimmy copying every move. They do the sexy, slouching pose in their chairs with Joe making a sullen face, saying this was the "Falcon Fan Losing Pose." And Jimmy jokes that it's so easy, "anyone can be a Guess model."

But the best part of the show is when Jimmy and Joe literally stand "cheek to cheek," with their butts pointed straight to the camera, giving the entire world a full-on view of their hineys.

But yes- it was quite the tutorial. When the 27-year-old DNCE frontman was asked about the old Guess underwear photos, embarrassed, he said, "I'm trying to figure out why I did this one. Like, I'm just airing it out a little bit." He has certainly gone a different direction since those days.

Ok gang- let us know in those comments: Who looks better in their underwear- Jimmy Fallon or Joe Jonas?