Beyonce, Bruno Mars and the BEST 2017 Grammys Performances

Let's be real- we all watch the Grammy's mostly for the crazy performances right? And this year there was so much buzz about the performers- from Adele to Beyonce to Katy Perry. So it's time for the Top 3 Grammy Performances of 2017. Here we go.

It only makes sense to start off with the winner of the night, literally, Adele. She kicked off the entire Grammy show with her performance of "Hello."

Considering her Grammy performance mishap last year, this year's performance went off without a hitch. Of course, later in the show, during her George Michael tribute performance, Adele stopped mid-song, only to start over again because she didn't like how she sounded the first round.

Next up we have Adele's biggest contender at the Grammys this year, Beyonce. Everyone was freaking out before this performance. How pregnant will she look? How can she dance with twin buns in the oven? Naturally, Beyonce upped the suspense by skipping the red carpet.

And her performance didn't disappoint. I'd describe the theme as "Maternal Queen." She wore "Queen B-esque" attire, crown included, with dicsiple-like female dancers fluttering around her at all times.

But the maternity vibe took over the show. Remember that flowery Instagram picture she posted to announce her pregnancy? That was represented during this whole performance. Plus there was this sick chair thing [show chair VO] where she leaned back in a chair, defying gravity, with all of us freaking out…thinking she would tip over at any moment and possibly lose the babies on national television! But she didn't.

Then, there's Katy Perry's highly anticipated performance.

After going 4 years without releasing an album, Katy recently made a return to music, with a brand new hair color and some cryptic Instagram teases. The Grammys mark her first performance of her new single, "Chained To the Rhythm."

Before the show, on the Grammy carpet, she told Ryan Seacrest that she took a break to focus on her "mental health," but that she, "hasn't shaved her head yet." Well that comment sparked some backlash. During her performance, I'd say the theme was... home improvement? I'm kidding.

But she did dance around a giant white picket fence the whole time, wearing a white suit and sunglasses. The performance had a lot of political undertones as well. It makes sense considering Katy was a big Hilary supporter, despite the fact that her parents voted for Trump, as Katy has admitted before.

There were so many other stellar performances this year- like Bruno Mars. The boy can dance! He also did a tribute to Prince with a crazy guitar solo that got everyone pumped.

The Weeknd performed his hit with Daft Punk, wearing their cute little helmets- the lasers and futuristic ice set was so sick. Ed Sheeran sang his heart out, Kelsea Ballerini and Lukas Graham had crazy chemistry on stage during their duet, and the list goes on, but there's only so much time.

So let us know in the comments who was your favorite Grammy performance of 2017?