Meet ABC's Newest HISTORY MAKING Bachelorette!

ABC’s The Bachelorette is making a VERY big change this season! They’ve revealed the newest contestant to be looking for love… and she’s already making history.

So, Who’s the next bachelorette?? Drumroll please…….

Now traditionally the mega popular series waits until the cycle wraps before revealing their next love-seeking single lady, or man, but they announced it early last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Hilarious side note, Jimmy Kimmel is actually a HUGE Bachelor and Bachelorette fan, so it’s only fitting he’d be the one making the announcement.

Moving on, cause I know you’ve been waiting. Drumroll please…..Rachel Lindsay, the attorney from Texas who’s currently wooing Nick Viall on the Bachelor will be the next Bachelorette - and this is an historic announcement. Rachel will be the first EVER black lead - men or woman - in the series history.

Can you believe that in 33 cycles of this ABC show, they’ve NEVER EVER cast a black man or woman to look for love.

Well, better late than never I suppose… Rachel is actually thrilled to be a part of the big show! She made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night proclaiming she’s ready! That was last night, and today this attorney was in Good Morning America again talking about her history making moment. Does she feel pressure being the first black American as the bachelorette?

Nope! Rachel says there’s no pressure whatsoever!

Ok, now it’s time to let us know what you think about Rachel making history on the bachelor and bachelorette series? Let us know in the comments below.