Are the Amanda Bynes Leaked Engagement Photos a Twitter Hoax or the Real Deal?

Is Amanda Bynes engaged?? We saw a ring….

There’s a pseudo twitter account under the name Ashley Banks that many people believe is the former Nickelodeon star’s private account - and if you follow that page you’ve been led to believe this actress is getting hitched! Several photos of Amanda and her “Fiance” Matt have been posted on the account, including an official engagement announcement.

Turns out that’s not true whatsoever - Amanda is NOT engaged.

We exclusively spoke with Amanda’s parent’s attorney Tamar Arminak who said the entire thing is a hoax. So Amanda isn’t engaged! But who is Matt? There ARE an awful lot of photos of these two together… according to Ashley Banks, the couple has been dating for 8 months - but again, we’re not sure we can trust this source.

And fans were also skeptical of these photos too!

One twitter user pointed out that Amanda is EXTREMELY private, and would never just announce her engagement. So now we want to know WHO is leaking these photos, and again, who’s Matt? He and Amanda do look awfully sweet together no? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!