Eurovision 2015: 5 Aussies We Want To Compete

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In a move we never saw coming -- because let's face it, we're on an entirely separate continent -- Australia has been invited to compete (and vote) in Eurovision for the first time in its 60-year history.

So to celebrate, we thought we'd select our favourite Aussie exports we'd love to see on the stage representing us.

John Farnham
He's the voice (try and understand it). He could also take the pressure down. And with his #2StrongHearts tour this year, he could also bring Olivia Newton John.

Jimmy Barnes could show fellow competitors how it's done. Photo: Getty

Jimmy Barnes

When something is wrong with my baby, we're going to choose an adopted Aussie Working Class Man to represent the people of 'Straya.

Tina Arena performs. Photo: Getty

Tina Arena

How about Chains in French? Je suis dans les chaînes, anyone?

We hope Kylie's performance would be a nod to this 1989 TV performance. Photo: Getty

Kylie Minogue

Our Kylie could make 'Straya arrive like a Locomotion in the top 10 because they 'can't get her out of their heads.'

Shannon gets his Aussie heart out. Photo: Getty

Shannon Noll

While Australia no longer has to say 'what about me' when it comes to Eurovision, Shazza could possibly 'drive' us to the top 10.