EXCLUSIVE: Dan Conn says MKR girlfriend is 'stronger' than him

Natasha Lee
Yahoo7 Entertainment

He's one of the fittest men in Australia, but former Rugby League star Dan Conn has some competition when it comes to working out with his partner and formerMy Kitchen Rules contestant Lynzey Murphy.

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The athlete told Yahoo7 Entertainment they get very competitive when they hit the gym together.

"We are pretty competitive," he said.

Don't hurt yourselves! Source: Instagram

"I’ve turned into a bit of a coach a Nazi when we train together, sometimes I'm not sure if she wants to punch me or not," he joked.

Dan was quick to gush about his new love, saying she is "an incredibly strong girl inside and out".

"She's quite unique. At the moment she's working with people who have suffered a brain injury so she does a lot of shift work," he said, adding while she's only cooked for him "a couple of times" they were "incredibly good".

Dan and Lynzey after an outdoors training session. Source: Getty

As for who would win in an arm wrestle? Dan didn't hesitate: "Lynzey. She's got better guns than me. She can pump out 50 chin ups in one go."

Dan, who recently revealed his struggle with depression, can now add fashionista to his growing CV after signing up to become the new face of men's label Johnny Bigg along with mates Gus Worland and George Rose.

"I don’t think people realise that with athletes it can be impossible to fit them," he said. "Those league boys have big shoulders and big legs. But with Johnny Bigg they’ve done the footwork for us it’s just easy."

As for other big blokes struggling in the fashion stakes, Dan has this advice: Always be prepared.

Dan with his fellow 'Johnny Bigg' ambassador Gus Worland. Source: Johnny Bigg

"I always carry a suit in the car with me. I’ve learnt a little bit about dressing in coordination. The simpler you keep it the easier it gets," he said.

"The presence of a bigger guy will make the statement and all the clothes fit comfortably then you will make the statement."

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