EXCLUSIVE: Laurina Fleure: 'Richie went for sex over longevity'

Amy Stevenson

She's the beauty that gave us "dirty street pie" during her time on The Bachelor and now Laurina Fleure has revealed what it's like to try and form a genuine connection with a love interest on the reality show.

The reality star spoke to Be at the launch of the latest Brands Exclusive campaign, which she is the face for, and said she was shocked at Richie Strahan's decision to choose Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan on this year's series, but knows what it's like when looking for love through the show.

Laurina is the face of the new Brands Exclusive campaign. Source: Brands Exclusive

"It really seemed like he went for the sexual connection over the integral connection," Laurina told Be at the event.

"Obviously everything we say is commenting on the editing, it is a highly edited show and not the actual people, I think you really have to be mindful of that. But it does look like he went for the sexual connection over the one with more longevity."

"From what I saw as well, Richie didn’t seem like the most emotionally and intellectually evolved person that I have seen on television. I don’t think he held the floor as well as he did as a supporting character.”

With Blake Garvey two years ago on The Bachelor. Source: Channel 10

Reflecting on her own experience on the show, Laurina knows it's not an easy way to try and find ever-lasting love, saying the Bachelor himself can be easily swayed by producers, who want to make sure they capture everything between the potential pair on camera.

"From being on the show myself, sometimes when you’re chatting with someone on a date, it’s just the random little things that you put out there that the other person picks up, makes better and throws back to you. There the things that really make you fall in love when you’re a complex individual," she said.

"But on the Bachelor when you try and have those conversations they say ‘Hey hey can we get back on topic’ and they only want you to have those generic chats that are within the format and to most of us that’s not what plants the little seeds of love and lust in us. It’s those random things and they’re not allow to talk about those things on The Bachelor because when you do they tell you ‘no’."

Source: Getty

“When I was on The Bachelor with Blake, and bless his soul he was only trying to do the right thing and do what he was told, but we had been waiting on the side of a set while they had been setting up lighting and I hadn’t seen him in a week and a half and I’d be like ‘Hey’ and he’d be like ‘Just wait until we get on camera’ but I reckon if we broke down that awkwardness now the chat and dynamic we have on camera would be so much better."

While Laurina was just one of many who was shocked at Richie's decision, she went on to say we will never know what happened behind the scenes and why he dumped Nikki in favour of single mum Alex, adding: "There is a lot they’re not showing us.”

Despite Laurina's criticism of the format, she believes this year's Bachelorette Geogria Love could be the one to turn it all around.

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“I’m excited to see Georgia Love, obvious she’s a journalist so she has a very good way with words, but she seems very emotionally intelligent, very emotionally evolved. She knows what she wants, she’s a good communicator, she’s articulate, she’s intellectual. I really want to see her break the mold of this generic format and I want to see more of her because I think there is a lot to see."

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