Expectation vs reality: what it's really like to be pregnant

Allison Yee

When it comes to being pregnant, we want the Blake Lively experience. Gorgeous bump, glowing skin and totally rocking heels on the red carpet.

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Sadly the reality is nowhere near as glamorous, and mum-of-three and actor Tova Leigh has released a hilarious new video outlining what some of the expectations of motherhood are – compared to the brutal realities.

Covering everything from the pregnancy, to the birth and “bouncing back” into shape, the video has racked up over 150,000 views on Facebook.

Happy Tova gushes about the expectations of pregnancy. Photo: Facebook/mythoughtsaboutstuff
Tova then comes clean about the realities. Photo: Facebook/mythoughtsaboutstuff

Flipping between a serenely happy mama as she waxes lyrical about how she expects things to happen, it’s a disheveled, panda-eyed and hysterical Tova who explains the actual realities

“That glow, it makes you look so beautiful and sexy,” marvels happy Tova as she gushes about pregnancy.

The reality? “My body hurts,” she wails. “Why the hell do I have hair on my chest? I can’t stop crying…Where is the glow?”

Nothing is off limits with Tova taking aim at mums who want an “all natural” birth. “I’m going to have my child at home, in water,” happy Tova explains. “And my husband will cut the chord with his bare teeth like in nature. It’s going to be so magical – and natural.”

Fast forward to the reality, and it’s “give me all the drugs!”

The mum-of-three doesn't hold back on the truths of motherhood. Photo: Facebook/mythoughtsonstuff

Later seen chowing down on corn chips and necking beer instead of doing the post-pregnancy workouts she’d boasted she would do once the baby arrived, it’s something that’s clearly struck a chord with commenters on Facebook agreeing with Tova’s video

“Not trying to scare you,” wrote one. “Trying to be honest lol. People don't tell you this s**t before [the] baby comes.”

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