Expert reassures parents: Swings usually safe

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The tragic death of a three-month-old baby boy in WA has sent shockwaves through parenting communities, after his grief-stricken parents Emma Granger and Jeremy Rainsford warned others against leaving their infants unattended in baby swings.

But neonatologist and author of Baby On Board and Your Cherished Baby Dr Howard Chilton has told Be he would be surprised if a baby swing was the deciding factor in a baby's death.

Baby Kayden. Source: Seven News

"It's very, very unlikely for a baby swing to be the cause of death. It's really important to understand that," Dr Chilton said.

"Parents are already frightened enough as it is. Aspiration-related deaths are extremely unusual. There would normally have to be other circumstances involved and they are often unexplained."

Howard Chilton specialises in treating newborn babies. Source: YouTube

Kayden's parents told Seven News they wanted other parents to be vigilant around babies.

Kayden's parents, Jeremy Rainsford and Emma Granger, with two-year-old son Tyler. Source: Seven News

"Don’t leave your children unsupervised in those swings," Ms Granger said. "They say you can and they’re designed to leave them to sleep in them."

A baby swing. Source: Seven News

Dr Chilton said Sudden Unexplained Infant Deaths, or SUDIs, are more common than cot death.

"It's often very unclear what the cause of death is and it's usually not simple," he said. "If it is an aspiration-related death, the coroner will find out.

"SUDIs are bigger than cot death – something in the region of one in 65 deaths in infancy is a SUDI.

"I would be very concerned about worrying mothers."

Dr Chilton is the author of Baby On Board and Your Cherished Baby. Source:

Safe sleeping

The Victorian Government's recommendations for babies' sleeping environment are:

Put your baby to sleep on their back, with their head uncovered.

Do not expose your baby to tobacco smoke (before birth and after).

These steps can greatly reduce your baby’s risk of dying suddenly and unexpectedly, although they can’t provide a complete guarantee.

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