You’ve been chilling wine all wrong

Kristine Tarbert

Everyone knows the mantra – white wine you drink chilled, red wine you drink at room temperature.

But what if we told you that everything you thought you knew about drinking wine was wrong.

Well maybe not everything, but definitely the finer details of what the best temperature is to serve wine at.

You've probably been drinking wine wrong. Photo: Youtube

An expert has now blown the rule out of the water, with a new theory claiming quite the opposite.

Presenter of The Wine Show, Joe Fattorini, revealed you should actually be briefly chilling your red before you drink it.

Expert says red wine should be chilled and white should be warmed. Photo: Getty

And your white wine should be left to warm up before drinking.

Say what??

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“Unfortunately, many of us are serving our whites too cold, and red too warm,” Joe told Good Housekeeping.

He suggests wine drinkers follow the 20:20 rule.

Which basically means you should put red wine in the fridge to cool 20 minutes before serving, and take you white wine out of the fridge 20 minutes earlier as well.

He suggests following the 20:20 rule. Photo: Getty

Joe explained that varying temperatures could cause the wine to expand and contract in the bottle, potentially ruining it.

He also said it’s important to story your wine somewhere dark and cool and ensure bottles are kept away from windows, radiators or ovens.

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