Can you see what's seriously wrong with this picture?

Bianca Soldani

In a matter of seconds, a child can go from having a ball in the pool, to fighting for their life.

That’s what an eye-opening video taped at a public swimming pool frighteningly shows.

Can you see what's wrong here? Photo; YouTube
A child has fallen from his ring. Photo: YouTube

The CCTV footage shared by Lifeguard Rescue last year and sees a large group of children splashing about in a public pool when a whistle is suddenly blown and a lifeguard dives in.

To the untrained eye, it’s a fairly uneventful few moments; the kids are all floating on giant rubber rings as a wave machine gently pushes them up and down.

But right in the middle of the fray, a small child slips out of his ring and struggles to keep his head above water.

The lifeguard jumps in as the boy raises his hands in the air. Photo: YouTube

In what feels like a heartbeat, the on-duty lifeguard is in the pool, furiously swimming towards him, but the boy’s head bobs below the water a good few times before he can be reached.

Even the parents in the pool don’t seem to notice until the boy is safely in the lifeguard’s arms.

It’s a very scary reminder that when kids are around water, you really cannot afford to take your eyes off them. Would you have seen it if that was your child?

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