Internet funny guy Cian Twomey's video about getting a puppy is hilarious

Carly Williams

Your favourite semi-psycho girlfriend has adopted a designer dog, because, what influencer is complete without an Insta-famous pupper?

Comedian Cian Twomey’s latest Facebook video sees his alter ego Emily in a sulky mood because her Instagram isn’t “popping like it used to.”

Cian's new video focuses on Emily getting a puppy

Cue the real Emily surprising her with a miniature Dachshund puppy!

A few tantrums later and Emily has structured an evil plan for the pooch to make her more popular online.

All LOLs aside, the starring doggo is actually Cian and the real Emily’s latest addition to their Internet-famous family.

His name is Bentley and he even has his own Instagram account.

Little Bentley as a puppy. Photo: lilbentleythedachshund on Instagram

His favourite thing to do? Licking of course.

“All of his traits are pretty cute,” Cian told Be.

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“But there's this thing that he does when you get out of the shower and walk out of the bathroom with a robe on.

Bentley's worst habit? That would be obsessive licking. Photo: lilbentleythedachshund on Instagram.

“He'll come and try dry my feet with his tongue. When he's done he just sprints away. It's pretty cute.”

So does Bentley know he’s going to be broadcast to Cian’s 5.6 million Facebook followers on the reg and has he become a diva about it?

Bentley lapping up some sun. Photo: Cian Twomey

Well, there has been some diva behaviour…

“We were cuddling him on our bed one morning,” Cian explained.

Thank you Cian and Emily for another hilarious video. Photo: Cian Twomey

“And he kind of just stopped playing, stared at us and pissed all over our bed sheets. Safe to say he didn't get a treat for that.”


Watch the video at the top of the article to see Bentley’s big video debut.

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