George Michael's ex defended: "He's not a leech"

Amy Stevenson

The brother of George Michael's partner Fadi Fawaz has leapt to the defense of the couple's union, dismissing reports Fadi was "leeching" off the late singer.

Hassan Fawaz said the reports that the Australian hairdresser and George had ended their relationship 18 months ago, and added that Fadi “a leech from the beginning" were “terrible ... very strange and sad.”

Hassan has defended Fadi and George's relationship. Source: Twitter
Friends say Fadi (pictured here in 2012) hadn't talked to George for months before his death. Source: Getty

“We don’t look at George as (famous) but just someone who’s a nice guy and loves my brother and my brother loves him,” Hassan told Daily Mail Australia.

“It’s a time to pray for George’s soul and support Fadi.”

News of George's death sent shockwaves around the world after the Faith singer was found in his UK home on Christmas Day.

George and Fadi started dating in 2009.

George Michael and Fadi out shopping in 2012 Source: Getty

It was initially reported that Fadi had found his partner's body, however he later changed his story saying he never stayed the night at the 53-year-old's home, instead sleeping in his car.

“I never saw him. I fell asleep in my car and I never saw him that night,” Fadi told UK paper The Mirror.

“The police know ­everything. That’s the most important thing.”

Friends of the Wham! singer have also come forward, claiming Fadi is nothing more than a "leech", and saying he and George really broke up in mid-2014.

“Fadi was a leech from the beginning... within hours of discovering his body, posts appeared on his Twitter account, and then within 12 hours he sold his story," an unnamed alleged friend of George's told The Sun newspaper on Wednesday.

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“Does this sound like a grieving partner?”

The friend also claims Fadi and George were not even on speaking terms at the time of the singer's death, saying, "they had been estranged for 18 months."

The results of George's autopsy came back as inconclusive, with police confirming there will be more tests in the coming weeks, with the results of a toxicology report unlikely to be available for six to eight weeks.

Fadi says George was happy and 'looking forward to Christmas' before he died. Source: Getty

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