Fans criticise Sarah Hyland on social media for Golden Globes post

Emma Shepherd

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has sent the internet into a frenzy after appearing in a video at the Instyle Golden Globes after-party on Sunday night.

The 27-year-old received online backlash after appearing in the video posted on Instyle's Instagram account pretending to be intoxicated.

Sarah was seen carrying a bottle of champagne and stumbling onto the bellboy, leaning on him and stealing his hat.

Sarah Hyland was seen stumbling onto the bellboy drinking champagne and stealing his hat. Source: Instagram

At the end of the clip she's seen falling into his arms after offering him some champagne, leaving the bellboy with a smile from ear to ear while the elevator door closes.

Social media users both on Instagram and Twitter were quick to judge the actress saying that the video was somewhat tone-deaf given last night's powerful statement against sexual harassment in the industry.

A little insensitive? Fans were quick to judge the Modern Family actress. Source: Instagram
The bellboy is seen with a smile from ear to ear holding the actress while the elevator door closes. Source: Instagram

One user said, "Really? In this climate? You show a young girl - drunk and falling into the arms of a an older man as doors close to give her no escape? Tone deaf much?".

Some other users wrote, “This one is def against the cause!” and, "Shocking that this is the message @instylemagazine wants to put out there on their platform tonight."

The young actress caught on to the negative reactions and took to her Twitter to defend herself tweeting, "#JohntheBellHop is a very nice old man. FYI. *completely sober*".

The controversial social media video comes after dozens of actors and actresses took part in the #WhyWeWearBlack movement which supports the Times Up campaign which was created to stamp out sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace, not just in the entertainment industry but across the board.

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