Fans slam Kim Kardashian for bizarre detail in photo

Emma Shepherd

It's no secret Kim Kardashian loves a good selfie, especially if its a sexy one.

However one recent snap has sparked some serious backlash and sent her fans into a frenzy.

It shows Kim looking into a mirror in a dark room, you can see that her bra straps are undone at the back and she holds up her hands to protect her modesty.

Kim Kardashian posted this snap to her Instagram on Thursday. Source: kimkardashianwest/Instagram

But if you look in the bottom right corner, you can see the tiny figure of her four-year-old daughter North West, taking the photo.

Fans were quick to slam the star on Twitter saying that it's inappropriate to have the youngster take that kind of image.

One user said, "So you're daughter is taking the provocative photos for you to post?" and another posting, "This is so crazy what kind of mother are you,This is ridiculous, She's you (sic) kid !!!!."

Her four-year-old daughter North was seen taking the half-naked pic. Source: kimkardashianwest/Instagram

And the haters didn't stop there.

Others made some snide remarks about the controversial pic saying, "Bad example for your daughter," and another said, "Wait so you're having a small child take pictures of you undressing for Instagram? tasteful."

Still, some fans were quick to rush to the 37-year-old's aid, with one fan writing, "You all are insane, saying Kim is an ‘unfit mother,’ this is completely normal.”

Kim's known to take naked snaps on her Instagram. Source: kimkardashianwest/Instagram

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