Larry David's tasteless 'concentration camp' jokes

Amy Stevenson

Larry David has come under fire for his Saturday Night Live hosting stint, after making a joke about the Holocaust.

Viewers were quick to slam the Curb Your Enthusiasm star, after he referenced concentration camps and the ongoing sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood during his opening monologue.

The 70-year-old tried to make light of the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, and several other actors who have been accused of sexual harassment, by joking about picking up women in a concentration camp during WWII.

Larry David's SNL opening monologue featured Holocaust jokes. Source: Getty
The Seinfeld creator tried to make light of the Hollywood scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein. Source: Getty

"I’ve always been obsessed with women," David said during his SNL speech.

"And I’ve often wondered - if I’d grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power and was sent to a concentration camp, would I be checking women out in the camp?

"I think I would. 'Look at that one over there by Barrack C! Oh my God, is she gorgeous! I've had my eye on her for weeks. I'd like to go up and say something to her,'" the Seinfeld creator added.

"Of course, the problem is, there are no good lines in a concentration camp."

Fans weren't impressed with the 70-year-old's jokes on the late night show. Source: Getty
David tried to compare the ongoing Hollywood sex scandal to WWII. Source: Getty

However the joke wasn't received well by fans, with social media quick to criticise David.

"Larry David just put a Holocaust joke and a Harvey Weinstein joke in his opener, my God," one viewer tweeted with another adding: "#SNL I can't believe they did jokes about a concentration camp I just can't believe what I just saw #LarryDavid it will never be okay to do."

The star is yet to comment over the controversy.

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