Did you spot this MKR glitch?

Olivia Morris

After nine seasons of My Kitchen Rules it seems some savvy viewers have noticed a recurring glitch on the show.

The doorbell sound appears to sound the same for every single house.

If you tune in regularly to the popular Channel Seven show you'll know the sound we're referring to.

Have you noticed the doorbells that Manu and Pete ring all sound the same? Source: Seven

The very dramatic, over-the-top, almost haunting bell sound which can be heard as hosts Pete Evans and Manu Feildel rock up to the MKR contestants' houses.

One Twitter user recently pointed out the producers of the show may have had a fail in post-production as it seems Manu is pressing an invisible door bell.

However, if you look closer the celebrity chef is just pressing a teeny, tiny doorbell which blends into the door but, of course, it has the same sound as always.

Many other viewers have been quick to comment on how the doorbell sounds the same for everyone this season.

"It's amazing after nine seasons that everyone's doorbell still makes the same sound...," one viewer commented.

"Different houses, different kitchens but same doorbell sound... woah," another joked.

Televisions on subtitles recognises MKR's

And it seems if you were to have the subtitles on even your television recognises it is an “exaggerated doorbell ring”.

We don't expect the doorbell sound to change anytime soon, it has become in ingrained in the show's tradition at this point.

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