The happy parents-to-be in Cambridge
The happy parents-to-be in Cambridge

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In case you missed the news, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

Kate was admitted to King Edward VII hospital in London on Monday with what the Palace called hyperemesis gravidarum but we know better as morning sickness.

While we feel for the nauseous duchess (we do!), the good news of the pregnancy has got us all very excited.

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And not just us - the Twittersphere has been awash with congratulatory tweets from high and low.

Cheryl Cole, who has aspirations of someday being the royal bub's favourite aunty (move over Pippa!), let the exclamation marks do the talking.

"I'm sooooooo excited that we're having a royal baby !!!! Congratulations to Kate and Wills !!!!!!" she exclaimed.

Unsurprisingly the Kardashians chimed in too, with Kim retweeting Khloe's congratulations: "Awww so cute! Congrats!!! RT @KhloeKardashian: Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!! A royal baby!!! :) awwww so sweet".

Fellow parent-to-be David Walliams, whose wife Lara Stone is in the early stages of her pregnancy, congratulated the Cambridges too. "Congratuwelldone William and Kate. Very happy for you both," he wrote.

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Brooklyn Decker sees Kate's pregnancy as a boon for trans-Atlantic relations, tweeting "I hope Royal Baby and Blue Ivy Carter become best friends."

Actor Zach Braff, @zachbraff, offered his congratulations to the UK too, cheekily adding "I think I saw some pictures of the day of conception."

And it isn't just the Muggles who are excited. The Dark Lord, @Lord_Voldemort7, tweeted: "#royalbaby is trending. So soon there will be a new half-blood Prince?"

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