Sexually suggestive ads are an American Apparel staple
Sexually suggestive ads are an American Apparel staple

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The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has banned a number of American Apparel ads after complaints from the public that the ads were "offensive, irresponsible and overtly sexual and should not be displayed on a website children could access."

Online ads that earned the ire of the advertising authority featured young models either topless or wearing sheer tops that exposed their breasts and were deemed "sexually suggestive, gratuitous and flirtatious".

The watchdog ruled that "American Apparel...should not use images which were likely to sexualise models who appeared under 16 years of age, and they should not use images which were likely to cause offence."

One of the banned ads

This isn't the first time the controversial retailer has had its advertising censored; earlier this year eight of its website ads were banned in Britain. Charges often levelled at AA include the sexualisation of children and exploitation of women.

Official reprimands for his company's louche advertising isn't the only drama facing AA founder Dov Charney at the moment, who is being sued by a former employee for wrongful dismissal and assault.

In 2011 the embattled chief executive settled two separate sexual harassment lawsuits out of court.

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