Kate Upton car ad sets eyes rolling
Kate Upton car ad sets eyes rolling

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A leaked teaser video of the new Mercedes CLA ad starring Kate Upton has set eyes rolling all over the Internet.

The Mercedes CLA advert is set to screen in the US during the February 3 broadcast of the SuperBowl, a famously high-ratings period for television.

The ad is a thinly veiled send-up of Jessica Simpson's memorable car-washing scene from 2005 film Dukes of Hazzard, only disappointingly for some Upton keeps her clothes on (she sports white sandals, denim cutoffs and a black singlet in the ad).

It must be said Upton gets away with doing very little actual car-washing in the ad, being occupied mainly with striking seductive poses for the camera.

The work at hand is left to a handful of lust-struck footballers, who struggle to actually clean the car while they ogle the 20-year-old American model.

Mercedes is clearly cashing in on Upton's rising popularity. The 20-year-old has made the leap from swimsuit modelling and Sports Illustrated to high fashion, appearing on the January cover of British Vogue.

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Her popularity has been helped no end by viral videos including the 'Cat Daddy' dance. Watch it now:

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