An all-white outfit with no stains! It's a miracle. Photo via Joe's Jeans
An all-white outfit with no stains! It's a miracle. Photo via Joe's Jeans

Like Yahoo NZ Lifestyle on Facebook or follow us on TwitterOne small misstep - sitting on a dirty chair, spilling just a couple drops of coffee — and your crisp pants have a huge stain that may not only ruin your day, but could ruin those jeans forever. White jeans are gorgeous, but only when they look flawless. Now, one premium denim brand has a solution to the dirty-jeans dilemma: a specially formulated, stain-resistant coating guaranteed to repel potentially damaging liquids like coffee, soda, and yes, even red wine.

Joe's Jeans' new Spotless Collection features five stark white styles dipped in this innovative new treatment to "repel spills no matter what surprises your day brings." The offerings include skinny jeans, skinny ankle jeans, suit ankle trousers, shorts, and a pencil skirt ranging in price from $145 to $189. The pieces are composed mostly of ProModal, a fabric blend that combines two textiles together: moisture-absorbing Tencel and Lenzing Modal, which is known for its softness. Cotton and elastane make up the remaining 45 percent of the jeans.

Of course as with any miracle product that sounds too good to be true, there is a catch. Per the company's website, Joe's Jeans Spotless garments will not ward off pigment-based beauty products like makeup, lip gloss, and nail polish, so you'll have to be careful when powdering your nose. Another caveat: The treatment only lasts about 20 normal wash cycles and low, tumble-dry setting. Experts have often advised washing any type of jeans as infrequently as possible in order to preserve them. In the case of the new Joe's Jeans line, perhaps the coating will keep jeans looking extra clean even when they're not, which will make it easier to forgo frequent washes. (The company did not respond to requests for comment.)

The newly launched products are already being praised by publications like the Daily Mail. Two editors there roadtested the jeans by pouring a 16-ounce cup of black coffee on to both sides of the jeans. And as promised, the liquid slid off, leaving the denim clean and dry. "It is literally magic," wrote Daily Mail staffer Annabel Maud.

Stain-proof trousers are office friendly. Photo via Joe's Jeans
Because jeans are a staple in nearly every woman's wardrobe, it's not surprising that brands are always looking for a new way to them. Levi's recently released Spanx-like denim drew a lot of attention, as did J.Brand's new stocking jeans, a non-creepy version of jeggings with real pockets. Madewell's new Rivet & Thread collection consists of small-batch styles made by hand, while brands like Topshop have pitched their spring collection full of "mom jeans" as the next big thing.

Those looking to try a pair of these so-called magical jeans can pick up a pair on Currently most sizes are in stock in waist sizes from 23 to 34 inches, so women of many sizes can experience white jeans, stain-free.

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