We’re all familiar with the struggles of new shoes. Great to look at, painful as hell to walk in.

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The Queen hires someone to break in her new shoes


While plasters become our new best friend for a few weeks, the Queen obviously has a better method.

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The 90-year-old has no time for suffering. Instead, she gives her new shoes to a junior member of staff at Buckingham Palace to break in.

Stewart Parvin – the man who has dressed the Queen for 11 years – revealed that it is one poor employee’s job to walk around Buckingham Palace for days in the Queen’s size fours.

Each pair of new shoes is delivered to the Queen perfectly broken in, says a royal insider. Photo: Getty

A pair of beige cotton ankle socks must be worn and the person must only walk on carpets to avoid any potential scuffs.

Once the breaking in period is officially over, a quick trial run outside will take place to ensure the Queen doesn’t slip.

The 90-year-old spends a lot of time on her feet, so comfort is a must. Photo: Getty

Her Majesty is usually seen in a pair of black patent heels by shoemaker Anello & Davide. Costing $1670 a pair, it’s no wonder she wants to ensure they’re comfortable.

“The Queen can never say: ‘I’m uncomfortable, I can’t walk any more.’ She has the right to have someone wear them in,” Parvin commented.

For those of us who can’t afford a servant, there’s plenty of other ways to avoid blisters.

The Queen regularly rocks her favourite black patent heels. Photo: Getty

You can attempt to stretch new shoes by wearing them round the house with two pairs of socks.

Alternatively, a quick blast of a hairdryer on the painful areas can help tough leather expand.

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