Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger, one man tops it all.

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Banking on the flesh-flashing trend that has taken over the red carpet, designer Joel Alvarez has set up the Black Tape Project.

Would you bare all for this risque trend? Photo: Instagram
The project festures models dressed in nothing but duct tape! Photo: Instagram

Described as an “artistic” endeavour, the daring Instagram account displays a bunch of models wearing nothing but black duct tape.

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Joel carefully applies the strips of tape to each model himself, taking his posse to party hotspots including Vegas, New York and cities in Europe.

Boasting almost 200K followers, Joel’s little project is growing. He has moved from plain black tape to golden metallic styles, transforming the models into insanely brave tribal warriors.

It's already pretty popular with over 200K people following their Instagram page. Photo: Instagram
The daring trend looks painful to remove! Photo: Instagram

We have been left with several questions. How much pain will these women be in as the tape is removed?

How is the tape even removed from down there? What do you have to do to be born as brave as these women?

Let’s hope this bizarre look doesn’t make an appearance in the real world any time soon.

They're very brave! Photo: Instagram
He's now branched out to metallic tape too. Photo: Instagram
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