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Shay Mitchell’s Super-Cheap Dry Shampoo Hack



One the president's international trip to Italy, Melania and Ivanka Trump wore customary veils to cover their heads when meeting the Pope. Watch the video above for more!

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SHAY MITCHELL: I would say low.

I use Vaseline.

I use coconut oil on pretty much everything.

And there's some lip glosses-- I don't know actually the last time that I bought lip gloss.

I definitely am a high-low shoe person.

I had some shoes where I spent some money on-- Jimmy Choo.

And then I have shoes that, I mean, I got such a steal.

Like a Zara or something.

Sometimes high for, you know, shampoos and conditioners.

And then low on hair products when, you know, I get baby powder and I use it as dry shampoo.

Emily is definitely low on make up, low on hair.

We're kind of opposite.

I love wearing heels, she prefers flats.

I love glam and hair and makeup, and she would wear tinted moisturizer, mascara, and that was kind of it.

So, yeah, Emily was a lot more minimal.

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