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Can Gigi Hadid Best Her Mom, and Will Rihanna’s Barely There Coachella Look Win Best Dressed of the Week?



Wedding bells are ringing and the invites are piling up. It’s wedding season! Most guests are faced with the dilemma of what to wear to a wedding, whether the dress code is formal or cocktail. …

Mother Monster went for a hike in Montauk on Thursday with her new beau, talent agent Christian Carino, proving once and for all that she is superhuman.

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JOE ZEE: Hijacking a jacket, shocking sheer Coachella, and a new star is born.

But who was the best-dressed?

This is "Knock Out Style," where all of my favorite looks in the week go head-to-head.

First stop, a classic battle of who wore it better.

In one corner, supermodel Gigi Hadid was the first in the family to rock a color-blocked Versace moto jacket on the streets of London.

But in the other corner, her mom Yolanda was sorry/not sorry filming her upcoming reality series "Model Moms" because she finally confessed on Instagram that she shops her daughter's closet.

So who do you think best did this bomber?

Gigi, you always look super to me, but I am giving this one to you, Yolanda, because at 53, you're looking as smoking as your 21-year-old daughter.

Next up in the ring, it's a battle of sheer determination.

In one corner, bad girl Ri-Ri showed up in nearly $9,000 of Gucci, rocking a sheer diamond-encrusted bodysuit with an off the shoulder Gucci T.

Now, this isn't your everyday super sparkler.

This bodysuit has a face mask to boo, so incognito, I mean I didn't recognize you at all.

And in the other corner, it's Katy Perry, who did sheer her own way in a white dress worn over a matching bandeau and hot pants with mega slits and accessorized with, what else, her Easter bunny bag and shoes from her brand new line.

And while, Katy, you look bunny to me, I'm going to give this round to you, Rihanna, because you can take a runway look and make it work for real life.

And for our final battle is a new star born.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper put their spin on singing style as they took to the stage filming the remake of the remake of the remake of the 1937 movie, "A Star is Born.

" And they were recently spotted getting hot and heavy filming a scene outside a local gas station.

Yow! And in the other corner, we have Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson who starred in the 1976 film with Babs rocking a dress she custom designed for her character.

And while I'm Gaga for Gaga, I'm going to have to give this round to Bradley Cooper because you can make effortless look so hot.

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