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Style-Off Swimwear Challenge: Instagram Influencers Flaunt Their Suits



One the president's international trip to Italy, Melania and Ivanka Trump wore customary veils to cover their heads when meeting the Pope. Watch the video above for more!

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- Let's go swimming in Dallas.

- In Minneapolis.

- It's time to swim in Chicago.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - My favorite silhouette of swimsuit to wear is a bikini.

I have a really long torso, one-pieces often don't fit right.

In all honesty, I prefer a two-piece suit because it is more comfortable for me than a one-piece.

We live in a society where even the girls on the magazines don't look like the girls on the magazines.

You are allowed to wear what you want.

If what you want to wear is a one-piece, a three-piece suit, slacks, doesn't matter what you to wear.

If that's what you want to wear then do it.

- Today it is finally warm enough to get in the water of Lake Michigan and I'm super excited to go to the beach.

I love this swimsuit.

It looks like it's two different pieces but it's actually connected at the back, so it's a one-piece.

I really love how this is very different.

You're not going to see this on anyone else on the beach, which is awesome.

I paired it with this hat because you never know what's going to happen with Chicago weather, it's very windy.

It's called the Windy City for a reason.

- Especially after having kids, I'm definitely not a two-piece person.

OK so here's my swimsuit.

It's super cute, it's white, a halter top.

Holds me in, holds me up, does everything I need it to do when I'm running around chasing the kids.

And you have to finish it off with a great cover up, and of course a cute beach bag, and sunglasses and you're good to go.

Every bathing suit has to have a cute cover up and a cute bag.

This one's a great size because I can hold all of my kids stuff in it.

So I am ready for the pool.


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