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Kim vs. Khloé: Who Wins Best Dressed?



One the president's international trip to Italy, Melania and Ivanka Trump wore customary veils to cover their heads when meeting the Pope. Watch the video above for more!

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JOE ZEE: It's a clash of the Kardashians.

"Scandal"'s Kerry Washington faces off with "Will & Grace"'s Debra Messing.

And the Backstreet Boys battle it out with New Kids On The Block.

This is "Knock Out Style," where all my favorite looks from the week go head-to-head.

First up, it's sister versus sister.

In one corner, it's big sis Kim Kardashian, who took things to the next level in her plunging top and Balenciaga sock boots.

But wait, take a closer look because these are actually pants, too.

Now, in the other corner, we have Khloe Kardashian who is sleek and chic in head-to-toe black.

Paired with clear, easy sandals.

Designed by, who else, brother-in-law Kanye, of course.

She showed her signature sense of humor poking fun at the pair on Instagram for looking like real life wax figures.

Calling Madame Tussauds.

Well, before I call her, I'm calling this one for you, Kim.

Because I always love keeping up with your fashion choices but you took pants and boots, well I'm just going to call them poots, and you made it work seamlessly.

Round two.

It's goodbye and hello, again?

In one corner, we have Kerry Washington who opened up on "Good Morning America" about season seven being the last we'll see of "Scandal.

" KERRY WASHINGTON: We're all a little sad but also we feel grateful to have the information.

Sometimes as an actor you don't know when you're going to be out of a job.

JOE ZEE: But facing off against her is Debra Messing, who was stunning at a recent People Magazine event.

Just after touting the upcoming revival of "Will & Grace" with an elaborate musical trailer.

Now that I can get behind.

But for this round, I'm getting behind you, Kerry Washington.

Because this is exactly how you wear summer.

Hello, color.

And in our final round, the boy bands are battling it out.

In the first corner, Backstreet's back.

The BSB were larger than life in white suits performing at Wango Tango.

And in the other corner, New Kids On The Block were hanging tough as co-hosts on the "Today Show," where they also took to the plaza to perform a few of their oldies but goodies.

But when it comes to straight jackets versus bomber jackets, I'm going to have to go with the right stuff.

And New Kids, you hit the trend on the head.

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