Fears for Shane's 'wild' daughter

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Shane Warne is reportedly locked in a bitter battle with his ex-wife over their eldest daughter’s alleged wild ways.

While lad’s lad Shane is apparently all too keen for 19-year-old Brooke to party with the A-list, knocking back shots with his eldest and funding her trips to Melbourne’s Crown Casio, Woman’s Day says her mum Simone Callahan is going out of her mind with worry.

“Brooke is a wild girl. She’s just like her dad – she loves to party, drink and have a good time,” says a source.

Posing with her dad at the Portsea Polo, sources say Brooke is a chip off the old block. Source: Instagram
However, his ex-wife Simone is said to be far from impressed by their antics. Source: Getty

“She loves all the perks that come with being Shane Warne’s daughter. She can drink all her mates under the table and she’s usually the last one standing,” adds the insider.

“She’s only a teen but has already been exposed to the party lifestyle on an A-lister.”

According to the mag, she couldn’t wait to get all her mates over when her dad recently threw a barbecue for Coldplay, and she thinks nothing of finding AFL players in the poker room and a slew of pretty blondes in the lounge.

According to the insider, she can

But having been married to Warnie for 10 years before their divorce in 2007, Simone, 46, apparently knows all too well what goes on at the former cricketer’s parties, and fears hanging with so many celebrities is “going to Brooke’s head”.

And while she desperate for Brooke to either enroll at uni or get a job, Shane, who is also father to Jackson, 17, and Summer, 15, is said to be all too encouraging of his daughter’s lifestyle.

Indeed, at her 18th he knocked back Fireballs shots with Brooke, boasting to the Herald Sun, “she’s like her dad. We can drink.”

Simone is apparently desperate for her daughter to go to uni or get a job. Source: Instagram
Pictured with her younger brother Jackson, Brooke reportedly loves the A-list life. Source: Instagram

She was also his side-kick when he attended the Portsea Polo in Melbourne earlier this month.

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“She fears it’s going to Brooke’s head,” the source adds of Shane’s party lifestyle.

“Sim doesn’t want Brooke getting involved in any of it.”

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