Outrage on TripAdvisor as café cracks down on 'screaming' children

Kristine Tarbert

A café’s idea to ensure customers have an ‘enjoyable’ experience while there has been met with a mixed response.

Fifteen on the Corner, located in Lichfield, UK, decided to take drastic measures to crack down on ‘screaming’ children, by simply banning any kids under 12.

Customers have since taken to popular review site TripAdvisor to voice either they complete disapproval or our pure joy at the policy change.

UK cafe Fifteen on the corner bans kids under 12. Photo: Twitter

“We never managed to get in – rude staff turned us away as we had a small child. What on earth! It’s a café for goodness sake! Surely this is discrimination,” one angry customer posted online.

“We used to go to Fifteen on the Corner every weekend for breakfast, bacon sandwiches and coffee with my five-year-old son while my daughter was at dancing,” wrote another reviewer.

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Many customers were outraged they could no longer go with their families. Photo: Getty

However a number of customers started defending the café online, posting positive reviews about this ‘wonderful’ idea helping them enjoy the ‘serenity’ of ‘having a coffee in peace’.

“What a wonderful peaceful coffee shop, the no children policy is an absolute blessing,” one person wrote.

People have taken to TripAdviser to voice their opinion. Photo: TripAdvisor

“Perfect for adults who don’t want to imagine themselves in a crèche,” another added.

The café has confirmed the ban to The Daily Mail, but didn’t make any further comment on the matter.

Many were happy about the ban and defended the cafe. Photo: TripAdviser

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