Fifth Harmony fan attacks Ally Brooke on stage

Carly Williams

Mexican fans have gone cray for Fifth Harmony!

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Singer Ally Brooke was attacked on stage by a concert-goer while performing at Auditorio Banamex in Monterrey Thursday night local time.

Ally Brooke. Photo: Instagram

The guy pulled a sly one on security and managed to sneak past bodyguards and get onstage to manhandle Ally.

Not OK!

The attack in Mexico. Photo: Twitter

Ally hasn't responded to the drama directly - instead she Tweeted a snippet of video of her paying tribute to singer Selena Quintanilla.

It's the second time this week the poor girl has copped the brunt of rough fans.

She had her shirt pulled off by fan when she arrived at the Monterrey airport 48 hours earlier.

"Just to let you know, I am okay after the airport incident," she wrote on social media, adding, "Please be careful and gentle so nobody gets hurt. That was scary. Thank you!"
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