Fire breathing bride's epic wedding photos light up the internet

Allison Yee

When it comes to looking smoking hot on your wedding day, Ashley Burtch has got it nailed.

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The Michigan-based bride has stunned the internet with a series of incredible photos of her fire breathing in her wedding dress.

Ashley's love for fire breathing made for amazing snaps. Photo: Sam O. Photo & Bravado Photography & Design
After practicing circus tricks together, photographer Samantha helped take Ashley's incredible wedding pics. Photo: Sam O. Photo & Bravado Photography & Design

“We went out into the woods with her in some workout clothes carrying her dress on a hanger,” photographer Samantha Ogletree tells Be.

“It had rained the day before so the ground was wet so we were very careful getting her in her dress and laying it over pine needles. She was more concerned about it getting dirty than getting caught on fire.”

For photographer Sam, who collaborated with Victoria Brown from Bravado Photography and Design to take the pics, it was a fun favour for a friend.

“We both have performed circus acts together,” says Samantha. “But I don't breathe fire. She tried to teach me once and it didn't go very well!”

For Ashley, the pics were exactly what she wanted.

"I personally love this one!" she captioned a snap of her encircled by a heart-shaped fire ring.

Needless to say, Ashley loved her incredible wedding photos. Photo: Sam O. Photo & Bravado Photography & Design

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