Busty First Dates stunner's wardrobe malfunction

Natasha Lee

A First Dates participant nearly showed her date more skin than she intended after her tight top failed to contain her large bust.

Ashley was paired up with her same-sex date Saskia and at first the couple appeared to get along like a house on fire.

Ashley during her one-on-one First Dates chat. Source: Channel Seven
During her one-on-one Saskia told the cameras she's attracted to feminine girls. Source: Channel Seven

It’s probably because Ashley became so comfortable during the date that she didn’t notice her breast beginning to migrate out of her olive-green dress.

“I’ve been trying not to accidentally nip slip – that’d be embarrassing!” Ashley said as she attempted to squeeze her assets back into her top.

Ashley was forced to adjust her top. Source: Channel Seven
Ashley kept trying to tuck her breast back into her top as her date watched on. Source: Channel Seven

Not that the wardrobe malfunction bothered her date, who ended up making a joke and saying: “Hey, nice to meet you!”

During her one-on-one interview with the camera, Saskia commented on her companion’s chest.

“She’s actually really hot. She’s got huge boobs. Wouldn’t know what to do with them,” she joked.

The pair’s chemistry was undeniable, and ended up agreeing on a second date much to the delight of social media fans everywhere:

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