Fitness blogger’s eye opening post about body image

Kristine Tarbert

A fitness blogger’s honest post about her body has gone viral for its complete honesty.

Louise Aubery, from Paris, posted a side-by-side on Instagram of the exact same photo of herself in a bikini.

However with arrows to highlight her point, she explained the difference between what she sees when she looks at the photo, compared to what others do.

“As much as I preach self love and truly made some progress accepting myself, there is something I really struggle with: pictures,” Louise wrote online.

Louise Aubery, from Paris, compares what she sees to what others see. Photo: Instagram

Alongisde the image titled ‘What I see’, she wrote that looking at herself, she notices a big nose, back fat and cellulite.

“Whenever I see a picture of me, the first things that catch my eye are my FLAWS. I always see what is wrong,” she admits. “This is usually what follows when someone shows me a picture they took of me.”

In the other photo – which again, is the exact same image - she points out that people often compliment her big smile, long legs and strong butt.

Louise posted a side-by-side on Instagram. Photo: Instagram

“I really don’t look at people's flaws first when I look at a picture of someone else. On the contrary, I tend to focus on their assets,” Louise explains.

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“So why not do the same with yourself? We really need to learn not to be so harsh on ourselves. It is not healthy. I am going to work on it, and I hope you will too.”

Her post has drawn thousands of likes. Photo: Instagram

Her honest post has drawn thousands of likes with people saying they can completely relate to her feelings.

“I’m trying my hardest! Seeing posts like this make me realise that I'm not the only one who feels like this,” one person commented.

“Puts a very good perspective on things,” another said.

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