WATCH: Horrifying moment mum snaps Achilles tendon

Allison Yee

If you’re searching for an excuse to avoid going to the gym today, this video of mum Tiffany Van Dyke suffering a horror exercise injury could just be it.

The Texas school teacher and health coach was filming herself doing a new workout in her living room, when not only does she capture the exact moment her Achilles tendon snaps, but the sound of it too.

In the clip, Tiffany, 41, can be seen energetically exercising, pulling her knees up to her chest while bringing her arms down to her sides.

Tiffany was filming a new workout when the injury happened. Photo: Caters

After a few reps, there’s a sound. A horrifically loud sound. A sound of something snapping… and it’s Tiffany’s tendon.

The mum can be heard swearing as she stumbles backwards and onto a chair.

The exact moment Tiffany's tendon gives way. Photo: Caters

Clearly in agony, her seven-year-old son Brock rushes to her aid, with Tiffany later rushed to hospital where she was forced to undergo surgery.

“I really can't believe I even had this on film,” said Tiffany.

Luckily Tiffany's son Brock was on hand to help his injured mum. Photo: Caters

“The 'pop' that the Achilles makes is so loud and anyone who had heard it was in shock.

“I literally thought a gunshot had gone off in my house.”

Tiffany was originally told her recovery would be six months, but she was determined to get back jogging before then. Photo: Facebook/tiffany.leca

Claiming she could feel the tendon rolling up her leg, Tiffany’s injury – which took place in October 2016 – saw her endure a grueling three month recovery before she could exercise again.

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