Fitness Roadblocks- What's Yours?

In your quest for optimal fitness, do you encounter the same old challenges? How do you deal with them? On the road to fitness, what is your main roadblock?

I have found that there are 3 major issues that seem to derail most individuals:

  • Time. Too little time is the #1 excuse as to why most people can't commit to exercise over the long haul. Work, family, deadlines- there is always a time excuse, and they are often legitimate. You must, however, make time for exercise. Schedule it like an appointment that can't be broken. It is a great investment of your time (more on that is a future blog). The busiest people I know find time for exercise and it contributes to their success and feeling of well being.

  • Physical Barriers. Aches, pains, injuries and ailments can make exercise a real challenge for many. If it is uncomfortable, then you won't want to return for more. Even the best of programs have a significant drop-out rate due to injuries. Most of this is preventable if your program properly designed and takes into account past or current orthopedic or musculoskeletal issues. If things hurt, get it checked out by an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist and perhaps work with physical therapist, athletic trainer or fitness professional to redesign and customize your program.

  • Food. Your regular workouts are going great, but your body is not responding. You can't lose that extra weight. Sound familiar? The problem is that you haven't made the necessary dietary adjustments-cutting calories especially those "naked" calories. Watch your total daily calories and the quality of those calories- stick with high quality carbohydrates (not sugars) and friendly fats (not saturated) . Also, for those trying to gain weight or muscle, you may actually need more of these high quality calories.

Don't let these 3 troublemakers get in your path optimal fitness.

Share with us how you deal with these, or any fitness roadblocks.