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Jessica Castain, "The Debt"

"The Debt"
While Jessica Chastain is up for best supporting actress for "The Help," she was relatively unknown only a year ago. This terrific young actress had a major role in "The Debt," playing the younger version of Oscar winner Helen Mirren's Mossad operative. The ensemble spy thriller, which also features a buff Sam Worthington, opened on Labor Day weekend in the US and was quickly forgotten. In one of the most harrowing scenes, Chastain, as a young Mossad agent, knee-clamps a Nazi war-criminal gynecologist and stabs him in the neck with a hypodermic needle. It's every bit as horrific as the famous dental chair scene with Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier in "Marathon Man."


By the time the Golden Globes arrive on Sunday, we pretty much know the awards season field from high to low: "The Artist," "The Descendants," "The Help," "Moneyball," "Bridesmaids" and a few more -- a Spielberg, a Scorsese. But what happened to all the great films, most available on DVD, that were tossed under the bus? Here's our list of five must-see movies that deserved awards but were lost along the way. Editor's Note: Films up for nomination come from the US release schedule.