Flight attendant breaks hip in severe turbulence

Flight attendant breaks hip in severe turbulence

A flight attendant has been knocked unconscious and another broke a hip during severe turbulence on a flight to Italy.

The Easyjet flight from London’s Gatwick to Naples was diverted to Rome after the plane flew into a violent thunderstorm, the Daily Mail reports.

Newlywed Britons Lucy and David Westbrooke were among the 154 passengers on board. They were buckled in during the turbulence, but Mr Westbrooke says three flight attendants “hit the ceiling”.

“All three knocked the panels out, and one stewardess was knocked out,” he told the Mail Online.

They say suitcases came flying out of the overhead lockers and many of the passengers were throwing up.

“There was just utter panic. People were screaming,” Mrs Westbrooke told the publication.

“There was a baby thrown up in the air and the mother was just beside herself.”

The Evening Standard reports one flight attendant fractured a hip.

The captain decided to divert the flight to Rome, where engineers reportedly deemed the aircraft unfit to fly.

Passengers were then bussed the 230 kilometres to Naples.

An Easyjet spokesman told the MailOnline the flight was diverted to Rome because of thunderstorms over Naples.

“Unfortunately due to the turbulence one of our crew sustained an injury, and as such were met by paramedics upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino airport in line with our procedures.

“The aircraft landed safely and routinely and all passengers disembarked normally and were transported to Naples by coach.”