Hostie reveals the most annoying things people do on planes

Sarah Carty

We’ve all been seated beside an undesirable plane passenger, who’s either taken our armrest, put their feet on the seat or snored way too loud.

And while we may spend a long-haul flight wondering if there’s another row we could move to, spare a thought for the flight attendants who have to deal with unruly passengers all the time.

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Now one flight attendant has spoken out about the worst habits she’s seen people pull out while they’re up in the air – and chances are you’ve seen someone do one of them.

A flight attendant has revealed one of the annoying things on planes is when passengers put their feet on the seats. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking to Business Insider, flight attendant Annette Long said she has stories that would make you squirm about passengers on planes.

“We've seen people clipping toe nails. It's very gross and you can't make them stop. And it's not an infrequent thing, believe it or not,” she said.

In fact, Annette said feet are a massive problem on planes, with passengers whipping them out whenever they get the chance.

She said she often walks by seats and passengers have their legs hoisted up on the wall, the bulkhead or on the seats beside them.

Rather disturbingly, she also said she caught a man watching porn during a nighttime flight.

Feet in general annoy flight attendants. Photo: Getty Images

“But there was one guy I could see was watching porn on his phone, and because it was nighttime, you could see the reflection on the window. I did point that out to him because I didn't think everybody needed to see that,” she said.

She also said that flight attendants get peeved off when people try to fit their luggage in the overhead compartment but it won’t close and they just leave it for the crew to sort out.

It comes after a thread on Quora revealed the first things that flight attendants notice about passengers.

“What do flight attendants notice about passengers as they board the plane?” an unnamed person asked on the site.

Hosties took to the thread to reveal the bizarre things they check when you walk up those steps.

Myriam Mimi, a flight attendant since 1994, said she always makes sure a passenger isn’t drunk or on drugs.

Flight attendants also check to see if you're inebriated when you board the plane. Photo: Getty Images

“That is extremely important as if I have the possibility to avoid any kind of troubles over the Atlantic, then I address it on ground,” she said.

“I say hello, welcome on board… and listen to how they respond.

“A lot of people are just rude and ignore me, but when they do answer, it gives me an indication of their well-being.”

Another flight attendant said letting an inebriated person board a flight could not only be annoying for passengers but could also hinder a possible emergency evacuation.

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