Flight attendants on passengers they've caught joining the mile high club

Sarah Carty

When it comes to flying, most people would be too scared of being caught to ever think of joining the mile high club.

However an intriguing thread on Reddit earlier this year revealed that there are still a certain few who flout the rules for the sake of their bucket list and get down and dirty (literally) on airplanes.

Forget the obvious obstacles that are in the way, such as the teeny tiny toilets, the queue outside the bathroom, the constant gaze of other passengers and of course the confined space, flight attendants have seen people getting it on in every place imaginable and now they're revealing all their secrets.

Flight attendants reveal the hilarious stories of catching people in the act on airplanes.

One man on Reddit told a story about catching a couple getting it on underneath their blankets, in plain view of the whole crew.

"I was standing at the very back of the cabin looking out for call bells etc, it was a night flight so most passengers were sleeping, the light was low but some movement caught my eye," he said.

"There was a couple, under blankets on the very last row, and I could see that the blanket was moving rhythmically up and down.

"I figured out very quickly that the lady was giving her fella a hand job, so I did what any self respecting flight attendant would do and told the other crew to have a look too. We all had a peek and then burst out into fits of giggles in the aft galley."

Another Qantas flight attendant revealed that a lot of people in both First Class and Economy are not very inconspicuous about their escapades.

"I usually don't care as long as they're not disrupting other passengers, although some of my co-workers do," she said.

"We once mistakingly thought there was a couple having sex because we heard a man grunting we knocked on the door a few times, turned out he was just severally constipated."

In a hilarious twist, another flight attendant said at about 2am on one flight they noticed that a couple had snuck away to the bathroom nearly business class and decided to surprise them on their way out.

"When they came out, we cheered and clapped and drew quite a bit of attention to them," the attendant said.

"Popped Champagne, handed them a couple of glasses and warned them to bathe in bleach when they got home."

A lot of people have become members of the mile high club.

Proving that you can very rarely get away with it, this cabin crew member decided to announce to the whole plane that a couple were getting down and dirty in the plane toilet, much to the amusement of other passengers.

While he was putting away the cart he noticed that the couple were giggling as they exited the toilet and instinctively grabbed the micorophone.

"Without thinking, I grabbed the microphone and announced to the entire 737 'Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the two newest members of [the] mile high club!'," he said.

"I was mid-sentence when I realized how stupid it was to say this... I wanted to reach into the air and put the words back into my stupid mouth."

Queues for the bathroom mean nothing to these people.

A passenger decided to give his input, claiming joining the mile high club is just as fun as it seems.

"My wife and I have experienced this several times over the years," he said.

"We have never been interrupted by an attendant. It seems like a small uncomfortable place but there is a certain forbidden thrill and it makes a long flight go a little quicker."

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