Flight attendants reveal the secrets they never tell passengers

Sarah Carty

While it's always presumed that flight attendants have one of the most glamorous jobs in the world, it appears there's a lot more secrets to the sky-high career than we thought.

Just last month we heard from a handful of cabin crew members about the worst passengers they've ever dealt with and now a bunch of flight attendants are revealing their secrets to getting the best flying experience you can.

According to a thread of Quora,, these are the top things passengers should keep in mind when they plan on taking to the skies.

Flight attendants have revealed the secrets of the skies. Photo: Getty.

Morning flights are better

One flight attendant revealed on the thread that not a lot of people know that morning flights are better than evening ones as they're likely to be less bumpy.

They also claim that there is "less chance to hit thunderstorm, as these tend to happen mostly in the afternoon. So set your alarm clock early".

Planes are constantly being struck by lightning

A lot of people are scared of thunderstorms and while you may think you're free from any harm when you're flying high in the skies, think again, as one flight attendant claimed planes are constantly being struck by lightning.

"The engineers have taken care of the construction to withstand the stress," they said.

Airplanes are filthy

If you've ever looked down the side of your seat on a plane, you'll already know that they're hardly the most hygienic of places to take a nap.

However while we always presumed the bathrooms, floor and seats were the dirtiest places on a plane, a cabin crew member has claimed that the most unhygienic thing in the aircraft is your seat belt, followed by your tray table.

Another flight attendant backed up this claims, revealing that they've "never seen ground cleaning crew spend more than 3 minutes on a lavatory and maybe 5 minutes for the rest of the aircraft".

Rather disgustingly cabin crew have also found dirty nappies and bags of sick still stuffed in the tray tables when passengers have already left the airplane.

The food isn't fresh

Airplane food isn't something anyone ever looks forward to, it's more of a necessity when you're stuck on a 15-hour flight.

And now one flight attendant has revealed that "you get served frozen food which is kept for up to 72 hours"

They also claim that at times the crew offers you their own meal to make sure your are fed on the flight.

Most accidents happen during take off and landing

If you've ever wondered why cabin crew are very meticulous about you fastening your seatbelt, putting your tray table up and having your seat in an upright position at the beginning and end of each flight, it's because that's when most crashes happen.

"Passengers always give me the angry eye when I have to wake them up because their seat is reclined and they are still sleeping and we are about to land," one flight attendant said.

They also ask you to sit down during turbulence so no accidents will occur.

"We don't scold you and tell you to sit down just because it's a part of our job or we hold anything against you . Many cabin crew have severely injured their head and backbones in those situations .it's no joke , it's another case if it's just a light turbulence but when you see the seat belt signs on. Sit down," another flight attendant said.

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