Flight review: Air France Business Class

Allison Wallace

Air France has recently revamped their Boeing 777-200 planes and they are one of the few airlines that actually REMOVED seats in all classes to give passengers a more comfortable flight!

We got to spend some time in the Business Section to see how it compares.

Route: Singapore to Paris

Check-in: Simple and easy at Terminal 1 in Changi, you will have plenty of time to spend in the lounge before making your way to the gate and on board your flight to France.

Aircraft: 777-200

Flight time: 13 hours and 20 minutes.

Baggage allowance: Two bags weighing up to 32kg each for Business Class

The lounge:

With Paris as its hub, the lounge at Charles de Gaulle airport is second to none. Sip on French champagne and enjoy a selection of both hot and cold foods as you enjoy a very light and airy space with views of the tarmac.

Wi-Fi access is available and almost all seats provide you with a power plug.

Seat and layout:

The new Business Class section on the plane is one of the biggest changes on the aircraft. There are 68 seats laid out in a ‘Reverse Herringbone’ style.

Each seat has aisle access removing any awkward moments during the long flight should you want to get up and move around the cabin.

The seats themselves provide a great deal of privacy - once you're seated, you really can't see any other passengers.

The area you have for the flight is pretty big, even by Business Class standards with more than enough room for your legs in the seated position and the seats then recline to a fully flat bed.

Convenient storage. Photo: Allison Wallace

You get a nice comfy pillow and blanket and there is a cubby hole to store your loose items while you get some sleep – truly a ‘Cocoon in the sky’.


The Entertainment System really stood out on this flight with one of the biggest screens in the market – 16 inches.

The screen also tilts out for better viewing. Photo: Allison Wallace

Operated either by remote (which you can store in your cubby along with your comfy noise-cancelling headphones) or touch screen, you can while away a good portion of this long flight watching television and movies.

Food and drink:

Being served with a glass of French champagne before takeoff really set the tone for the food and beverage service on this flight which was nothing short of excellent.

For dinner you are given a set entré then your choice of two mains - which vary from flight to flight – followed by cheese and dessert.

You can also opt for a light meal in lieu of a three course meal if you want to spend some more time sleeping.

If you get hungry in between meals, you can call an attendant or wander into the area between the two business class sections and grab some fruit, juice and packaged snacks.


Air France have gone above and beyond to make the Business Cabin their premiere offering. From the slippers and disposable socks you get to the fine food, nothing is left to chance.

Perfect for strolls around the cabin. Photo: Allison Wallace

Once settled in the friendly air crew distributed amenity kits with your choice of colours – a nice extra touch.

The timing of the flight is good too, landing at CDG around 7.30am – perfect arrival for a day in Paris.

No request is too hard (not that I requested anything complicated) but you can definitely feel the warmth from the cabin crew.

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