You’ve been peeling bananas wrong

If you’ve ever watched a monkey peel a banana, you might have noticed that they do it a little differently.

Instead of holding the banana from the stem, they flip it upside down and start peeling from the bottom.

Curious we know, but they have a really good reason for it. Turns out that if you pinch the butt end of a banana, the skin comes apart and makes it very easy to pull away, particularly when you’ve got a banana whose stem is still green!

Looks like those chimps are onto something!

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And it isn't only bananas that we humans are stuffing up. Getting the shell of a boiled egg is a hassle, right? So is peeling potatoes. And oranges! So annoying.

But there's actually a really simple way to do peel all these foods as you'll see in the below videos. Watch and learn people.

The quickest way to peel an egg:

How to easily peel peaches:

How you should be peeling and grating ginger:

The easiest way to peel potatoes:

The fastest way to peel apples:

The best way to peel kiwis:

8. How to easily cut and peel a mango

Two useful ways to peel a carrot

How to peel a pomegranate:

The quickest way to peel an orange:

How to get the skins off tomatoes:

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