1. Ultimate meal?
My ultimate meal would be enjoyed in the sunshine, by the ocean, with friends in an exotic place.

2. Essential ingredient?
Good oil.

3. Favourite dish to make?
At the moment, anything you can wrap up – fajitas, burritos, and tacos! When it’s even colder, fish pie is a favourite...

4. Guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is lots of chocolate and strawberry doughnuts from the Vietnamese bakery.

5. Most memorable restaurant experience?
My most memorable restaurant experience was dinner with the MasterChef crew in NYC at Corton, which has three Michelin stars.

6. Proudest moment?
Being able to do something every day that I love.

7. Biggest cooking disaster?
My biggest cooking disaster was the time I cooked for a lady friend at her house (trying to impress) and cracked the pot, caught it on fire and almost burnt down the kitchen.

8. Hot tip for home cooks?
My hot tip for home cooks is that recipes are only guides – have fun with it and I can assure you, if you are cooking someone a meal, they are always going to be happy.

9. Chef you admire?
The chef I most admire is Jamie Oliver. What he has done for food, home cooks and the general public is incredible.

10. Food trend you love?
The food trend I love is eating with your hands. There will be a lot of this in my next eBook (out soon) and my print book, which is out next year... I mean, who doesn’t love to eat with their hands?

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