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Global fast food chain McDonald's has announced plans to open its first vegetarian-only outlets.

The two proposed restaurants are set to serve a meat-free menu in India, spurred by local customer preferences.

The new restaurants are planned for Amritsar, a city holy to the Sikhs, and Katra, a town located near the Hindu mountain shrine of Vaishno Devi.

Already Indian McDonald's outlets don't serve beef or pork due to Hindu and Islamic religious customs, so you won't find a Big Mac or a Sausage McMuffin on the menu.

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Instead you can order the Maharaja Mac, a burger made with chicken patties, or the McAloo Tikki, a potato and pea burger served with a 'special vegetable' sauce.

There are currently 250 McDonald's outlets in India, with plans in place to double the number by 2014.

McDonald's, the world's second biggest chain behind Subway, has 33500 restaurants in 119 countries.

While the fast food chain is famous for its iconic hamburgers and is often considered a torchbearer for globalisation, its international menu serves a wide range of local meals.

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In Bahrain you can order the halal McArabia, while in Israel kosher restaurants serve beef patties barbecued on charcoal rather than fried on a grill.

In Japan you can order a green tea-flavoured milkshake to have with your Tsukimi burger, a beef hamburger with a poached egg.

In many Asian countries customers can enjoy the seasonal Prosperity Burger during Chinese New Year.

In the Czech Republic the McSmažák, a type of cheese sandwich, appears on Maccas' menus, while in Belgium you can order the croque-monsieur inspired Croque McDo.

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